I would like to share my family’s experience with Maggie Dokic.  My husband and I purchased our dream home in 2006 in South Florida.  It was everything that we thought we ever could want in a home.  Unfortunately we bought at the peak of the real estate “bubble”.  In 2007 my husband, who is an active military member was reassigned.  We believed at the time we purchased this home, that there was a high chance for us to be able to stay in Florida for another 4 year term.  Unfortunately for us this was not the case.  We had to sell, and the value of our home had dropped to less than half of what we had paid for it.  We decided to move and try to sell the home from a different state.

We started as every self respecting penny pincher does, “For Sale by Owner”.  After several months of not a nibble, we turned to Maggie for some professional help.  She used all of her skill and knowhow to market our beautiful home.  She worked with us to reduce the price, despite our kicking and screaming.  Maggie knew what she was talking about.  This house was not marketable at the price that we had it listed.  She not only worked with us, she worked with our bank regularly to keep them informed of our plan.  We were so close to foreclosure that my husband and I had lost hope.

My particular development was nearly vacant due to the chaos that the real estate prices and banking system had caused.  The market was so saturated with vacant homes that were selling for pennies that the competition was fierce.  Maggie was able to pull us out of what could have been financial disaster and used her skill to sell the home as a short sale.  She was successful in negotiating a short sale with the bank on our behalf, despite their lack of interest, customer service and responsiveness…which says a lot about her ability.

Because we were out of town clients, she was burdened with many things that really were not her responsibility, but she helped us anyway.  She is dependable, responsive, kind, caring and very, very good at what she does.  Maggie not only knows the market, she knows the challenges that the South Florida market in particular struggles with.  Our family is extremely thankful to Maggie for all of her help and I hope that those of you who need a great real estate advocate will call on her.  Thanks Maggie for your support, friendship, patience, guidance and help.

Carlos & Claudine S., now living in New Jersey


“Despite the fact that  a Short Sale can be a very difficult process if not handled correctly, my realtor Maggie Dokic was great at following up with the bank and making sure the deal happened. Maggie went above and beyond to make sure all the parties had what they needed.  At one point the deal almost fell apart due to the buyer’s agent and Maggie called in some favors with contractors to make a needed repair to the house. Having a person who is effective at communicating and at following up is critical for these types of deals. I would highly recommend Ms. Dokic for the sale of your home. ” I can honestly say that she is the “Follow up Queen.”

Lemuel M., Miami, FL


It was a delight hiring Maggie as my real estate agent with the sale of my home.  I didn’t have any previous experience with real estate as I never handled it on my own before.  Maggie made everything clear and simple.  Maggie was very accommodating as I was back and forth to a different county.  Maggie was very professional, kept all her appointments and was on time for all our meetings.  I highly recommend Maggie as a real estate associate. The first day on the market we received 3 bids and one of those bids was the buyer.  The home sold in one day.

Carol H., Previously from Miami Florida


My husband and I were worried about his upcoming retirement.  We were going to have a drop in our income and would not be able to keep up with our home payments.  We were not sure that we would qualify for a short sale under these conditions.  We called the Dokic Home Selling Team and Maggie’s knowledge convinced us that if this was going to work at all, she could get it done for us.

She helped us every step of the way.  She made sure we understood the short sale process and things required of us. She advised us of our competition in the market and that our home should show great from day one.  Her marketing of the property had many buyers looking at it and in no time we were under contract.  Then came the waiting with the bank!  Throughout the whole process Maggie kept us informed, even when there was nothing new to report.  She finally got the bank approval for us and we were able to sell the house without owing the bank a penny.  She saved us from foreclosure and damaging our credit.

I can recommend Maggie as a great short sale agent.  We are now renting a small place we can afford and are so happy to have that issue with the house settled and behind us.

Cindy & Tomas R., Palmetto Bay, FL

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