About Us

The Special Miami Homes Team is just that, a team.  We’re not just a group of people thrown randomly together.  We work as a team to get your Miami short sale approved.  Short Sales are not necessarily complicated, as long as you have the knowledge to get them to the finish line.  We’ve been successfully short selling homes in the Miami area since 2006.

The experience gained by actually working with the many banks is invaluable.  The certifications earned are great, but it’s the working in the trenches that brings valuable experience which can help you with your short sale needs.

Our team is headed by Maggie Dokic, REALTOR, CDPE, SFR and Broker Associate.  She has been in the real estate business, full time, since 2005 and working short sales since 2006.  Maggie believes in having systems in place and the proper personnel to handle the many aspects of short sale transactions.

Our team includes short sale negotiators who do nothing but prepare packages and submit them to the banks and then follow up regularly to ensure a smooth transaction.  Successfully negotiating short sales requires attention to details, superb follow up skills and determination.  We have all three and continue to build our list of contacts at major banks with each transaction we handle.

Our services are paid at closing and from the proceeds of the sale.  That means there is NO cost to you now, or in the future, to use a professional.

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