Miami Short Sales – The Right Time for a Good Investment

As we all know when the economy is bad many prospective home buyers tend to continue renting until they feel that the economy is improving and are more confident about buying that dream house. At the same time, properties tend to sell for less as a result of the economy and this is when some great values can be found by investors, especially through short sales.

The return on rentals is considerably better than the 1% (or less) interest rate offered by most Miami banks or credit unions and the stock market is unpredictable and always risky. Buying investment properties in Miami provides a much more stable investment opportunity, especially when the property can be purchased at bargain prices, such as a short sale during a down economy. Not only do these properties offer a monthly return but their value is likely to increase when the economy improves and an investor can see a dramatic gain in the worth of their investment. Rental properties may offer significant tax advantages as well.

As with all investments there is always a risk but with proper planning now could be the perfect time to start investing in a Miami short sale as a key to your financial future.


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