Miami Short Sales Are Getting Easier – Somewhat

If you are a Miami homeowner facing a possible foreclosure, I have somewhat good news.  Banks are getting better at making short sales happen.  Don’t let your Miami house fall into a foreclosure needlessly.  As long as you qualify (and many do) your lender may approve your short sale and stop the foreclosure.

Some banks are even offering incentives to Miami homeowners who are in default.  That means the home owner of a distressed property may walk away from the closing with money, sometimes as much as $35,000.00.

Chase has already been offering incentives to defaulting sellers to do a short sale instead a foreclosure.  Bank of America just rolled out their “Cooperative Short Sale” whereby they approve the sales price before listing so you can hit the ground running when the property is listed in the MLS.  Wells Fargo has been doing this for at least a year and a half as well.  It is finally sinking in at the bank level that facilitating a short sale may be in their best interest as well as the homeowner’s.

A short sale requirement by banks is that the property be listed by a licensed realtor.  We have many years of experience handling short sales and keep up to date with the latest in the short sale corner of real estate.  If you have any concerns, please drop us a line and ask for our FREE Short Sale Packet.  We’ll email it to you right away.  It will answer many of your questions and help you make sound decisions.

You don’t have to go through this uninformed or alone.  We’re here to help and only a click away.

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